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Get Growing Gubba Prize Pack!

This month Gubba are giving away a​​ package of items still made in Auckland by​ ​Gubba​,
with a value of $400! The ​Gubba ​Garden Bag was Gubba's first product back in 1988
and has been a favourite with Kiwi gardeners since​, and is still made in NZ by Gubba... ​

The pack contains one of each ​of the following;

Gubba Garden Bag ​ ​
Gubba​ ​Giant Garden Bag ​
​Gubba​ ​Utility Bag ​
Gubba​ ​Garden Mat ​ ​
Gubba​ ​Car Boot Liner ​
​Gubba​ ​Kneeler pad
Gubba​ Dugard Hose Holder ​ ​
Gubba​ All rounder bag
​Gubba​ ​Weathervane​ (winner can choose from 12 styles)

Entries close ​25/08/2017
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