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Take part in the annual NZ Garden Bird Survey

Posted by The Gubba Team on 23rd Jun 2022

Take part in the annual NZ Garden Bird Survey

It's that time of year - the annual NZ Garden Bird Survey is on! 

The survey is a great way for everyday Kiwis to contribute up-to-date data about our own backyard birds. It’s a unique way to get involved (in fact, it’s the only public-led survey of its kind!), and it provides information not only to bird enthusiasts, but also to policy makers, scientists & organisations around the country. This helps to highlight any potential health issues, and it gives valuable information about how predator control is working in certain areas. 

While lots of research goes into our endangered native birds out in the bush, our urban & garden birds can sometimes ‘fly’ under the radar. This makes the NZ Garden Bird Survey an excellent annual snapshot of how they’re doing. And not only that - a healthy bird population is a good indicator that the surrounding environment is healthy, too. 

But in order to make a difference, NZ Garden Birds (led by Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research) need as many people as possible to get involved. It takes just ONE hour, between the 25th June and 3rd of July. Plus, we’ll take any excuse to spend time watching birds enjoy the garden! Read on to find out how you can take part. 

How to get involved? 

  • Pick any day between 25th June and 3rd July.
  • Select your garden, park, or school. 
  • Look and listen for birds for ONE hour. 
  • Record the HIGHEST number of a bird species observed at one time. 
  • Submit your survey results on the NZ Garden Bird website!

There are a ton of resources on the NZ Garden Bird website to help you out, including tally sheets, identification visuals and even audio to help you match birdsong with the right bird. 

It’s a fantastic excuse to spend time in the garden, and enjoy the company of your backyard birds!

For  more info, or to submit your survey results, visit the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey website.

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