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Subpod Mini

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Innovative and simple worm farming

The Subpod Mini is a compact version of the popular Subpod Classic. Great for those who have a smaller household and garden space, for accessible and easy composting. It features upgraded steel reinforced hinges and a latch locking system. The Subpod Mini, like the original, is the ultimate backyard worm farm and composting system! Reduce your household waste and let worms do the heavy lifting. Simply plant the Subpod Mini 30cm underground, and compost up to 10kgs of food waste each week with minimal maintenance.

Subpod works by creating a natural environment for composting worms and microbes. This protected insulated environment in the soil mimics nature, a safe haven from the hot days and colder nights.

Unlike other worm farms these worms have access to your garden through many holes in the Subpod walls, their habitat is not restricted - they can feed and breed as rapidly as they like. Composting worms come in a few special species (Tiger/Red Wriggler Worms are the ones available in New Zealand), that like to feed on the surface. Unlike regular earthworms they are not burrowers so are not going to travel far from their food source. When they do leave the Subpod they will aerate the soil and take microbes and nutrients with them, helping spread them around your garden. 

Dealing with your food waste with the Subpod is simple, lift the lid, stir in your scraps, and take a seat while the worms do the hard work below you. Since the Subpod is buried in your garden much of it is out of sight, and the top can be used as a seat, or hidden behind a thriving veggie patch.

Due to its unique ventilation system the Subpod has lots of oxygen around to help odourless microbes assist with the composting process, add a weekly aeration stir and your compost will smell fresh like an earthy forest.


  • Smell-free and pest-proof
  • Compact design - ideal for smaller spaces or households who produce less waste
  • Composts up to 10kgs of food waste a week
  • Suitable for households of 1 - 4
  • Stainless steel reinforced hinges and new latch locking system
  • Effortless 5-minute-a-week maintenance
  • Dimensions: 49.4cm L x 45cm W x 43cm H
  • Subpod Mini is planted 30cm underground

How does the Subpod work?


Flatpack, click together assembly, NO tools required. 

Follow the easy video below for all assembly instructions. Every Subpod also comes with easy to follow printed assembly instructions.

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Shipping and packaging

The Subpod comes neatly folded for assembly is a compostable box, easy enough to pick up and carry around.
Due to size of box, we have a fixed shipping rate of $19 nationwide 

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Subpod Mini

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