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All-in-one vertical garden solution

The Mother HomeForest is the ultimate all-in-one vertical garden solution. Grow any type of plant hydroponically with the HomeForest’s integrated plantlight and plant pods! It's also a visually stunning way to infuse a space with nature, bringing the outdoors in. 


  • 1 x Micropod
  • 3 x Hydropods
  • 1 x Forest Bar
  • 3 x Light Nodes
  • 1 x Regular Node

Combine multiple kits to expand your system without limits. Additional MicroPods and HydroPods are also available to purchase individually.

The HomeForest combines Mother's most innovative products into one system; a full spectrum plant light for optimising plant growth, and hydroponic germination & growing systems (MicroPod & HydroPod) for easy, clean, and hands-free growing. It allows you to grow your microgreens, crops, or houseplants vertically, using a passive and infinitely reusable growing medium - water. 

The HomeForest comes with:

MicroPod x 1

Simply add water to the MicroPod, sprinkle over your seeds, and in just 1 week your microgreens will be ready to go. Microgreens contain up to 40x more nutrients compared to fully-grown vegetables, making them a truly sustainable superfood of the future. With the MicroPod, the seeds begin to germinate when they are floating on top of the water. As the water level gradually lowers, the roots are directed to develop downwards, meaning the seeds do not need to be covered during the first root development (as they would with other mediums). The MicroPod contains enough water to allow roots to develop to lower levels, so the microgreens can flourish until they are ready for harvest.

  • For germinating seeds and growing microgreens
  • 20cm diameter, 4cm height
  • Durable and recycleable Foodgrade ABS, completely BPA free

HydroPod x 3

Use a HydroPod to continue growing your microgreens & crops, or to grow any type of houseplant. Using a PlantCollar, place a single microgreen into a HydroPod - this will hold them stem to allow further growth. Fill with water and liquid nutrients to the marked line; from there the plant will develop more roots and grow larger. The water level will lower inside the HydroPod, providing sufficient air to the roots. 

After transferring your microgreens to the HydroPod, harvest at week 4 for maximal nutritional value and mass, with only minimal effort. You can also wait to harvest when the pod is empty of water, or refill the HydroPod up to the second indicator line as many times as you like to keep growing! Grow bigger crops, such as bell peppers or even tomato plants. You can experiment and start getting creative with what you grow, the sky is the limit!

The HydroPod works with any type of hydroponic nutrients.

  • For growing any type of plant hydroponically
  • 14cm diameter, 12cm height
  • Durable and recycleable foodgrade ABS, completely BPA free
  • Soft collar to safely clone or grow any plant type.

PlantSpectrum 5

The PlantSpectrum's sunlight mimicking spectrum grows any plant in any stage. It is designed to mimic sunlight with its 97+ CRI (Color Rendering Index). This enhances the growth and health of a plant, and also optimises colour and flavour.

  • 14cm diameter Full-Spectrum LED lightpad
  • Plug&Play 24V powerjack connector

Forest Bar

  • 90cm, 40cm or 20cm long module, construct safely up to 4 meters
  • black anodised aluminum
  • 5cm diameter
  • Flat Connectors to connect Forest Bars in length
  • Bar Connectors to connect Forest Bars perpendicular
  • Cable cap

Forest Nodes

  • 3x Light Nodes, 1x regular Node
  • Install anywhere on a Forest bar to support MicroPods or HydroPods
  • Durable and recyclable ABS
  • 2kg max load, average load <1kg
  • Easy integration of PlantSpectrum5

Electrical and Operating Requirements

Line voltage: 100V-240V AC

Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase

Operating temperature: -20° to 35°C

Relative humidity: 5% to 90% noncondensing

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