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Grow any plant hydroponically

Grow any plant with the Mother HydroPod! Grow plants or microgreens hydroponically, in the cleanest and easiest way. You can use the HydroPod to continue the growth of your microgreens, or simply use it as a regular plant pot.

With a HydroPod, you can take a single microgreen and grow it into a larger crop. Simply place it into a Plant Collar, place that into a HydroPod, and the stem is held for further growth. Fill the HydroPod with water and liquid nutrients to the marked line. From there, your plant will develop more roots and grow. As the plant grows, the water level lowers inside the HydroPod - in turn, this upper section inside the pod provides sufficient air to the roots. An innovative, hands-free way to grow plants hydroponically! 

To refill the Hydropod, use the lower marked level to ensure the roots always have enough air.

Use the HydroPod to grow any plant, or pair it with the Mother MicroPod to continue growing your highly nutritious microgreens. The MicroPod germinates and grows microgreen seeds in 1 week using water as a growing medium; after this you can harvest & consume the microgreens, or transfer them to the HydroPod! One provides fast food and germinated greens, while the other allows you to grow bigger crops. All in a passive, low-maintenance way.

After transferring your microgreens to the HydroPod, harvest at week 4 for maximal nutritional value and mass, with only minimal effort. You can also wait to harvest when the pod is empty of water, or refill the HydroPod up to the second indicator line as many times as you like to keep growing! Grow bigger crops, such as bell peppers or even tomato plants. You can experiment and start getting creative, the sky is the limit!

The HydroPod works with any type of hydroponic nutrients.


  • Includes HydroPod and reusable PlantCollar
  • Diameter: 15cm | Height: 12cm | Volume: 0.8L
  • HydroPod is made from durable and recyclable ABS
  • Food proof, dishwasher proof and BPA free
  • PlantCollar is made from EVA foam
  • Compatible with both MicroFarm and HomeForest products
  • Minimum ambient temperature above 14°C/57°

Extra Plant Collars available for purchase here

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