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X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator - 20 & 120

Stay warm and dry in style

$260.00 - $480.00


Root cuttings faster, with a near 100% success rate

Use the X-Stream Aero to root your plant cuttings faster - with an almost 100% success rate! The X-Stream Aero boots root development, meaning your new cuttings will be ready to transplant in as little as 10-14 days. With such a healthy start, your cuttings will show faster growth and be more resilient throughout their life span. 

How does it work? In this aeroponic propagator, cuttings are suspended in mesh pots/neoprene clone collars inside the propagator’s misting chamber and are misted constantly. This mist provides unrestricted access to oxygen and prevents root rot or drying out, while vents in the lid of the propagator (the 'Humidity Dome') allow you to control humidity and heat. The constant misting also means you don't need to frequently check water levels. 

The constant supply of nutrient, water and oxygen, combined with the lack of restrictive growing medium, encourages roots to develop rapidly as they ‘push out’ to access the nutrient solution.

Aeroponics has long been recognised as the most productive method of growing plants without soil. Instead of absorbing feed and water from running liquid, aeroponically grown plants receive theirs at root level through a fine mist. This introduces large amounts of air into the equation for improved nutrient uptake and better root zone health. Rooting times are vastly reduced and success rates are significantly increased – not only that but root development also greatly improves.


  • No air stone required – The X-Stream Propagator sprays a fine mist in a highly oxygenated environment and has been engineered so that the mist density is such that an air stone isn’t required.
  • Available in 20 space and 120 space sizes.
  • The 120 space option has 3 x 40 space trays so that growers can remove individual trays as and when plants are ready.
  • Robust design with strong corners.
  • Humidity Dome with vents– the dome creates a humid environment to stimulate growth and to protect plants from sudden changes in temperature. The vent in the dome enables grower to reduce humidity as and when required.

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X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator - 20 & 120

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