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easy2grow Extension
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easy2grow Extension


The EASY2GROW System Extension Kit, other wise known as the 2POT extension kit is simply added onto the EASY2GROW System Starter Kit to extend the system.

The EASY2GROW System is our best selling watering system, it offers maintenance free growing for the home gardener, greenhouse, polytunnel, with no stress, or wasting a single drop of water or power.

• No limit to the size of the system
• No more daily watering, the system can be left unattended for weeks
• Requires no power, pumps or timers to operate
• Perfect for people who want to grow their own food but are short on space
• Can be used indoors and out
• Can be used to grow any crop varieties; edible or ornamental
• Easily extendible
• Environmentally sustainable
• No recirculation of water/nutrient
• Extremely low maintenance
• No need to constantly monitor pH or Ec
• No need to constantly drain and refill tanks
• No need to flush as there is no nutrient build up
• Can be used with a soil mix or as a hydroponic system

Makes growing as simple as can be, less effort = bigger yields
The EASY2GROW System will water & feed your plants using 8.5 litre pots without the need for pumps, timers and electricity. It provides a fully automatic supply of water and nutrients, with a built in wet/dry cycle to mimic natural systems.

Whether using the EASY2GROW System Starter Kit, or multiple EASY2GROW Extension Kits on a vast commercial scale, this system provides everything the plant requires. This system can be used as a hydroponic set up or with the medium/substrate of your choice.

By operating automatically and reliably the EASY2GROW System allows gardeners to relax, to go away for weekends and still be sure of healthy plants and bumper harvests.

EASY2GROW System Extension Kit includes:
1x EASY2GROW Tray and Cover
2x 8.5L Square Pots
1x AQUAvalve
2x Root Control Discs
2x Marix Discs
1x 1.5M of 6mm Hosepipe
1x 6mm Tee Connector
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