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Silky HAYAUCHI 3.7M, 1-extension (XL teeth)
NZ $354.20
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Silky HAYAUCHI 3.7M, 1-extension (XL teeth)

The pole saw of choice by professionals

Silky Saws
390mm length blade
 Pole extends from 2.28m to 3.7m for the hard to reach branches
Weight 1,820 grams
Adjustable Telescopic Pole

Bestselling, professional, aluminum telescoping pole saw - The pole saw of choice by professionals. The aluminum alloy extension poles are oval shaped, providing precise control over the direction of the blade (especially important for high cutting) and giving strength and rigidity to the pole, thus reducing bending to the minimum. The base pole has a pole-end shock absorber and comfortable rubberized overgrip which ensures good hold and control. The 15-2/5-inch curved blade utilizes proprietary Silky 4-RETSUME (Four Rows of Teeth) Technology. Teeth are set in such a way that there appears to be 4 rows of them. Ideal for the toughest pruning jobs! Blade can be adjusted to two different angles for lower or higher cutting and features an upper and lower sickle. The upper sickle is used to cut vines and the lower sickle to undercut bark. Lower sickle provides clean cut without damaging tree, while upper sickle prevents the blade from slipping off limb. HAYAUCHI is the finest telescoping pole saw available on the market today. Black rigid-plastic blade cover is included. Made in Japan.

To allow effective use of HAYAUCHI pole saws, two locking systems are incorporated to assure structural rigidity of the extended poles: 1) locking pins/buttons - the primary pole locking mechanism; and 2) friction clamps - the secondary pole locking mechanism. The two systems are designed to work together. This dual locking system allows 100% of the effort at the handle to be effectively transferred to the blade up to 21 feet away. Spring-loaded locking buttons allow multiple length adjustments and safety friction clamps hold the extensions firmly in place. Safety considerations require that the pole saw user must wear a hard hat and eye protection at all times. Manufacturer Warning: Do not use aluminum telescoping pole saws around electrical power lines or equipment. Electrical shock may result. Incorrect use of the Silky pole saw may cause injury.

* Cannot be used as a handsaw.

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