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Snail Fence - 6, 18 & 30m

Stay warm and dry in style

$120.00 - $139.00


Keep snails at bay without harming them

The StopSnails Snail Fence keeps snails and slugs out of your garden - without harming them! A fantastic, eco-friendly and safe alternative to snail baits or insecticides. 

Snails contribute to a healthy, balanced ecosystem. They help to break down organic matter, and provide a food source for other animals. However, they can be a real pest in the garden! The Snail Fence provides a solution to this issue. Once installed, the fence emits a weak electrical signal at regular intervals. When a snail or slug touches the wire, they get a small shock. This is not deadly and does not harm the snail - it simply dissuades them from passing over the wires. Great for your garden, and also good news for the snail!

  • Available in 6, 18 or 30 m lengths
  • Emits a weak electrical signal at regular intervals, giving snails a non-deadly shock
  • Environmentally friendly, and completely safe for other animals and humans
  • Easy installation (all instructions included)
  • Powered by a 9V 6F22 battery (not included)

The Snail Fence set contains:

  • Fence wire - 2 x 6.8 m, 2 x 18.8 m or 2 x 30.8 m
  • Wire clamps
  • Screws
  • Electrical clamp
  • Electronic box
  • Installation instructions

The electronic box has a built-in electronic circuit that constantly supplies the wires with 9 volts. It sends a special high-frequency signal at regular intervals, which dissuades snails. The box also has a built-in LED bulb to signal that the device is working. When the battery is discharged to critical voltage, the bulb goes out and the device still protects against the passage of snails for at least 14 days. However, we recommend that you replace the battery as soon as you notice that the light is off.

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