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WheelEasy Large
NZ $189.50
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WheelEasy Large

Revolutionary, Compact, Lightweight Wheelbarrow.

• Folds for storage & transport
• Lays flat for loading

• Tipping point infront of wheel
• Pneumatic tyre
• Strong canvas material

*Weighs 9.75 kg

*Carrys up to 158kg

This innovative WheelEasy Original is a Wheelbarrow like none other!

The WheelEasy is a folding wheel barrow. It is fantastic for garden work ranging from weeding to spreading compost, shifting gravel, rocks, firewood or even pruning. The WheelEasy Wheel barrow will make light work of your garden chores!

Drop the handles to the ground, for ground-level loading. You don’t need to pick anything up to get it into the WheelEasy, simply rake, shovel or slide. The only lifting you do is lifting the handles from the ground. Due to the barrows' low center of gravity, you only push a small portion of the total load.

The WheelEasy comes in a box for easy delivery, assembly is a 10 minute job and only involves one bolt, some simple clipping pins, 4 screws and inflating the tyre.

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