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The Finest Japanese Craftmanship

Niwaki brings the very best in Japanese design and craftsmanship. Their finely crafted products are dedicated to gardeners, inspiring them to do what they love. The name “Niwaki” means “Garden Tree”, representing the role of Japanese gardens as microcosms of nature.

Japanese and British roots

Founded by a British and Japanese couple with an appreciation of Japanese garden tools and techniques, Niwaki sources hand forged garden equipment and other goods for the home. Most Niwaki tools are forged by traditional, artisan craftsman in Japan.

Traditional Techniques

Niwaki tools are products that can’t be replicated by mass production; they have been manufactured using traditional techniques, and are finished by hand. With the proper care, Niwaki tools will last you a lifetime!

Simple Design

Niwaki tools boast simple yet effective designs. They are made to endure; Niwaki products are renowned for their longevity and outstanding quality. Their range is perfect for gardeners of all levels and abilities.


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