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Harvest microgreens in just one week

The Mother MicroPod is an innovative, unique way to grow your own fresh & highly nutritious microgreens. Simply add water to the MicroPod, sprinkle over your seeds, and in just 1 week your microgreens will be ready to go. Microgreens contain up to 40x more nutrients compared to fully-grown vegetables, making them a truly sustainable superfood of the future.

Microgreens are commonly grown using a disposable medium such as a paper towel, soil, or hemp fibre. The MicroPod makes the process even easier, using a passive and infinitely reusable growing medium - water. The seeds begin to germinate when they are floating on top of the water. As the water level gradually lowers, the roots are directed to develop downwards, meaning the seeds do not need to be covered during the first root development (as they would with other mediums).  This makes the process simple and hands-free!

The MicroPod contains enough water to allow roots to develop to lower levels, so the microgreens can flourish until they are ready for harvest.

If you want to go a step further, use a Plant Collar and HydroPod to facilitate further growth. Take a single microgreen, place it into a plant collar, and place that into a HydroPod - this will hold them stem during further growth. Fill with water and liquid nutrients to the marked line; from there the plant will develop more roots and grow larger. The water level will lower inside the HydroPod, providing sufficient air to the roots. 

Enjoy fresh microgreens with a MicroPod, or pair it with a Hydropod for more growth - one provides fast food and germinated greens, while the other allows you to grow bigger crops. All in a passive, low-maintenance way!

Just a few benefits of using a MicroPod...

  • It requires water only at the start
  • Easy to move around - fill directly from the tap
  • Works with any seed type
  • Your harvest is ready within 7-12 days! Harvest after week 1, or transfer to a MicroPod for further growth.
  • Easy to clean, just slide out the roots


  • Includes MicroPod and MicroGrid
  • Diameter: 19cm | Height: 4cm 
  • All parts are made from durable and recyclable ABS
  • Food proof, dishwasher proof and BPA free
  • Compatible with both MicroFarm and HomeForest products
  • Minimum ambient temperature above 19°C/66°F
  • Ideal average germination ambient temperature lies around 21°C/70°F
  • Too high temperatures (+26°C/80°F ) or low air humidity (-40%) can cause faster water evaporation.

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