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Bulk Bags for Storage & Transportation
Gubba is one of NZ’s largest suppliers of Bulk Bags.
We can supply all types of bags, Circular Woven, Flat Woven, Baffle bags and Laminated or non Laminated depending on their use. Filling openings, disharge spouts and closures to suit all applications.

Baffle Bag - This bag is inside baffle sewn type. As the bag remains square when filled, it optimises the space of shipping containers during

Circular Woven

Flat Woven

Standard PP Bag

Inside Laminated Bags

Back Seam Bag

Block Bottom Valve


Type : PP Circular Woven Bag,
Plain and Gusseted Bag, L-Sewn Bag, PE Lined Bag, Outside Laminated Bag, Anti-slip treated Bag, Whole or
partly see-through Bag, Easy
Open Sewn Bag, Photo Quality
Printed Bag, UN Certified Bag,
UV Stabilized



 Material : PP Circular Woven + Inside Laminated Function Bag : Anti-slip Coated Bag, GussetPrinted Bag - This is not a bag outside laminatedand turned up but bag with complete insidetubular film hot-welded to the outer circular woven PP Bag which does not have any wings on the laminated edges. It is very convenient for the end user to use this bag without PE liner when waterproof material is required




Material : PP Woven Outside Laminated Fabric, PP Woven Laminated with Kraft Paper Top Option : Open Mouth or Valve This is a bag with a back seam made ofpurely PP Woven Laminated Fabric orPP Woven Laminated with Paper. The Cement industry and Petro-chemical industry is the biggest market for this bag. As this bag can be printed on the gussets, most customers prefer this bag.


Material : PP Woven Outside Laminated, PP Woven Laminated with Kraft Paper, PE Film - This bag is called a “box bag” or “paste bag”. The bag canbe made of film, PP Woven outside laminated fabric, paper, or PP Woven Laminated with Kraft Paper with a Valve or Open Mouth. This bag is widely used especially where the filling process is fully automated.



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