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ZingBokashi 15 Litre Single Starter Kit
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ZingBokashi 15 Litre Single Starter Kit

What's so great about a Bokashi system?

‘Bokashi’ is a Japanese term, meaning ‘fermented organic matter’ and is the basis of Bokashi NZ’s flagship product, the ZingBokashi Compost Zing System®. The fermentation process enables you to recycle and compost a wider variety of food scraps than other composting methods.
In addition to the usual fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and tea bags, the ZingBokashi system allows you to add many other food waste products that are not compost bin or worm farm friendly like citrus peelings, onions, bread, meat and fish (both raw or cooked) and cheese. Pretty much anything and everything!
Ideal to be used alone as the primary food waste composting system in your home or is the perfect complement to a worm farm or compost bin. The 15-litre bucket is ideal for a 3-4 person family. The starter kit includes a 1kg bag of Compost Zing and instructions for use.

ZingBokashi Zing Composting product detail:

• Process household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in just 4 weeks!
• Not only is it easy to use and environmentally friendly,
• Decreased composting time – up to 50% quicker than traditional composting
• Less odour as the food decays, due to the Bokashi fermenting, rather than decomposing, process
• Increased growing power resulting in healthier and more productive plants
• Easy to use, requiring no mixing and produces a very natural pour-on liquid fertiliser as well as physical compost
• Bokashi buckets are so compact (and because they don’t smell) you can easily keep them inside.
• The average 3-4 person household will take 1-2 weeks to fill the bucket, variable depending on whether your ZingBokashi system is your only food scrap composter
• The 1kg bag of Compost Zing will last for several months.
Replacement 1kg bags available here.
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