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CUT'N'PASTE Picloram Weed Gel - 450ml Bottle
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CUT'N'PASTE Picloram Weed Gel - 450ml Bottle

It's name says it all, cut and paste, Cut as close to soil as possible & scrape bark off exposed roots. Liberally paste all exposed wood with a 3mm layer of gel & cut off leafy shoots & paste the cuts.

Picloram Gel is a low toxicity to animals Weed Gel heribicide for Shrub Weeds. Very effective on tough weeds species like Chinese privet and cotoneaster as well as gorse, barberry and moth plant.

Most commonly used as a Stump paint. Applied to the freshly cut stump of the target plants. Like all our products because they are in a gel form they are safe to use and highly targeted reducing the affects on the environment.

Will translocate through the soil in wet conditions and should be used with discretion near sensitive plants with closely associated root systems. This uses the potassium salt of Picloram Information on toxicity etc. It disturbs the plants growth causing the death of the plant.

Product Information

Active Ingredients;

43g/kg Picloram CAS no. 2545-60-0 EPA Approval HSR101073 Hazard classes
6.5B - May cause an allergic skin reaction.
9.2A - Very toxic to the soil environment.
This product must be under the personal control of an approved handler when used by a commercial contractor. Do not use on or near water or carry more than 3kg in a vehicle.

Handling, Precautions & Care;

The active ingredient, picloram, is ground residual and can travel through soil, particularly when large numbers of weeds are treated. The mode of action of the pyridine group of herbicides is to disrupt cell growth; some weeds may be resistant to these chemicals. You are advised not to use next to desirable or known sensitive native plants or in areas where their roots might extend into. Do not use if rain is expected with 2 hours. The active ingredient from the gel can leach onto wanted plants. Effectiveness may also be reduced.

Do not apply on or around food or animal feed crops or areas to be grazed by animals.


In the tightly closed original container in a cool dark place, away from children & pets, foodstuffs, seeds, fertilisers & pesticides. Kept as recommended the gel will show no appreciable deterioration for at least two years from the Date of Manufacture (DOM).

Cut'n'Paste can be sent only to addresses within New Zealand. 

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