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OKATSUNE - Hedge Shears 60
NZ $129.98
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OKATSUNE - Hedge Shears 60

Superior light & sharp shears

Samurai sword - sharp Japanese quality steel
Adjustable tension
Hardwood handle
Leather blade sheath 

okatsune_shears_cover_ei_thumb.jpg okatsune_shears_blade_ei_thumb.jpg okatsune_shears_blade_cu_ei_thumb.jpg

These hedge shears from Okatsune are amazingly sharp! Made from the finest quality high carbon steel, heat treated, tempered and precision sharpened so they keep their edge for longer. Protected by the included leather blade sheath.
Okatsune have been making durable, quality cutting tools for over 70 years. They use iron sand which was traditionally used for "Katana" or Japanese Samurai swords. All Okatsune shears are made in a modern, high tech factory by traditional craftsmen. The best of old and new.

These are some of the finest hedge shears available! Trimming the hedge or topiary will be a breeze with these light, sharp shears.
We recommend keeping your hedge shears oiled for longevity.

Okatsune "No.217, Hedge Shears 60, Short Handle"
Overall length 55.8cm (22 inches)
Blade length 20.3cm (8 inches)
Weighs 820 grams
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