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Weathervane Arrow - Made in NZ
NZ $229.95
incl GST

Gift Box

Weathervane Arrow - Made in NZ

Unique home & garden feature

Sand cast in aluminium & brass using traditional methods
Powder coated for lasting colour
Smooth running movement
Designed for easy installation


Overall Height: 800 mm
Overall Length: 620 mm
Shape Height: 140 mm
Shape Length: 200 mm
NSEW Length: 430 mm


arrow spin Click here for a 360° view.

An eye-catching & high quality weathervane that has been sand cast in aluminium & brass using traditional casting techniques. These weathervanes have been powder coated in black to give long lasting colour. All of the weathervanes have smooth running movement & a plate welded to the base stem for easy installation.

Arrow Weathervane


Elegantly presented in a cardboard gift box, or for $10 upgrade to a wooden gift box to make it extra special!

Made in New Zealand

(Cardboard Standard)     Weathervane Cardboard Box

(Upgrade to Wooden Box)
Weathervane Wooden Box

Weathervane Installation Instructions

1. Decide on a suitable open and prominent position to locate your weathervane.
2. Source suitable non corrosive fixings - bolts or screws (depending on what you are fixing the weather vane to).
3. Find ideal position for the bottom plate, screw/bolt in one screw/bolt (not tight yet, just to hold it in place while you level) use spirit level to get stem vertical, then screw/bolt all fixings firmly in place..
4. Open up the N.S.E.W. and push the Lock Washer down into position to form the cross.
5. Use a spirit level to ensure that the support stem is straight and upright. Now Screw the bottom plate of the stem firmly to your fixture using non corrosive screws or bolts.
6. Slide on the NSEW to rest on the support stem. Use a compass to find north, aim to the correct position and firmly tighten off the lock bolt.
7. Before sliding on the top section, apply some grease to the axle. Important: The ball bearing must slide up inside the axle to rest on top of the shaft, this will reduce wear and ensure smooth movement.

weathervane setup
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NZ $229.95
incl GST
NZ $229.95
incl GST
NZ $229.95
incl GST
NZ $229.95
incl GST

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