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What does it mean for Gubba?

As avid gardeners, we understand the importance of protecting & preserving our natural environment. You can’t help but connect with nature when out in the garden, so playing our part in the journey towards environmental sustainability is a natural top priority for us. Along with the actions outlined below, we are committed to improving and taking further steps where we can.


● We use recycled materials to package up our orders wherever possible. Don’t be surprised if your order arrives in a randomly branded cardboard box! 

● Our courier labels are compostable

● We are converting to paper tape instead of plastic tape

● We use biodegradable courier satchels for smaller orders

● We do not include a printed invoice. If needed, we encourage you to download your invoice by logging in to your account via our website


● Here at the Gubba office & warehouse, our organic kitchen waste is collected and composed using a worm farm system

● We also have a compost tumbler on-site for any extra scraps or organic waste from our greenhouse garden, which we will utilise as compost for our office garden down the track

● We collect soft plastics to be recycled

The Gubba Greenhouse

We grow seasonal herbs & veggies in our Winter Gardenz greenhouse, on-site here at the Gubba office. Any produce we grow is shared amongst staff - we encourage staff to use the greenhouse to grow what they would like!


We know the topic of sustainablity can be overwhelming when looking at your own lifestyle. That's one of the reasons we work to provide education on areas relevant to Gubba - particularly composting! We are passionate about creating your own organic compost, which reduces household waste & brings so many benefits to your garden. You can check out our blog for info, guides, and how-tos on composting, worm farming, bokashi & more. 

NZ Made initiative

Wherever possible, we champion our locally made products & kiwi suppliers. Buying NZ made products reduces carbon emissions when compared to international imports, and helps to support our local economy. 

Buy Once, Buy Well

We are big believers in “buy once, buy well”. Investing in top quality items, and taking care of them, means that they will last. We consider new products carefully, to ensure that they meet our high quality standards and are built to last for many years of gardening.


"We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

 - Howard Zinn


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