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A customer review on the Aerobin composter

Posted by Reviewed by Rach at Hedge Garden Design Nursery
4th May 2023

A customer review on the Aerobin composter

A great, in-depth review of the Aerobin from the lovely Rach at Hedge Garden Design Nursery ( on Instagram). Have a read if you’ve been considering this compost system! 

“About this time last year (March) I bought a 400L Aerobin composter, which I love :) 

I have just done my big post Xmas garden working bee & spread around my first batch of compost. Here’s an update: One of the things I was interested in was the speed of the process. It got off to a roaring start, but slowed / cooled down over winter and wasn’t ready to spread around in time for my early spring working bee. It was maybe 3/4 ready at that point, after 5-6 months. And so the next opportunity to use it has been now. But I absolutely love the system because: It’s very neat, tidy & contained, and doesn’t require turning or a 3 bay system, or a lot of space. 

It's like have a green bin gobblemaster in the corner of your garden. It worked, and didn’t smell, no rodents could get in, and not a lot of attention was paid by moi to carbon : nitrogen ratios, or moisture content. Although I tried to keep a ratio of 50:50, and I always wet newspapers and torn up cardboard. I could have done better by shredding waste into smaller bits, which would have sped up the process. It has great capacity. Whenever it filled up, by the next weekend there was more space; and small bench top buckets of household waste were always able to fit in a couple of times a week. I don’t think it got really hot inside but I’m not fussed, as I don’t want the worms to die. So I avoided putting in anything diseased (like rose prunings) and weed seeds, which aren’t killed off in cooler temperatures. I really loved being able to up-cycle waste and turn it into something really good for my garden. So I now think composting is essential garden practice: home made compost is exponentially better for your garden than bagged compost, it reduces the cost of rubbish taken off site, it’s very easy to do using this system, and it feels good."

Thanks Rach for the thorough review! You can view the Aerobin here, or read this blog for more info - Aerobin Composting Guide: how to use the Aerobin home composter


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