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Are water tanks worth it?

Posted by by the Gubba Team
6th Aug 2021

Are water tanks worth it?

Maybe you’ve considered getting a water tank, just to have that little extra supply on hand over the summer months. As record-breaking periods without rain become more frequent, Aucklanders in particular are becoming all too familiar with ongoing water restrictions. Many of us across New Zealand are becoming increasingly conscious of where our water comes from, and how much we use. But is installing your own water tank worth it? Do the benefits of having a water tank outweigh the costs?

Collecting rainwater is a clever, simple way to utilise a free and renewable natural resource. While there is an upfront investment, you’ll be reaping the rewards for years and years to come. The good news is that there are a variety of water tanks available to suit a range of budgets, installation is relatively cheap and easy, and if you’ll be using the water for non-potable (not for drinking) purposes you shouldn’t need council consent.

Note: If you are intending to use the water for drinking or bathing, you may need to check with your local council’s requirements first, as some require water used for these purposes to be treated.

Although we can often forget about the issue while water is more abundant during the winter months, now is actually the perfect time to install a water tank. Installing one while there’s plenty of rain means that you’ll have water ready for summer, when droughts and restrictions are more likely. 

What are the benefits?

Having an additional supply of water can really impact your dependence on the mains supply. A lot of purposes we need extra water for do not require potable water - this is where collecting your own rainwater can step in!

A huge benefit is for use in the garden. Even during periods of drought and restriction, you can ensure your garden doesn’t have to miss out on water and can thrive all year round. Your lawn, veggie patch, and other garden plants will all benefit from having as much water as they need, even when rainfall is scarce - a great way to make sure your hard work in the garden is preserved.

Rainwater is also useful to have on hand for a variety of other purposes. From washing the car or boat, waterblasting, doing the laundry, manually flushing the toilet & more, with a water tank you don’t need to worry so much about your water usage (especially during those dry summer months!).

It can also be a money saver to be less reliant on the mains water supply, if you’re in an area where water usage is taxed. Those reduced water bills add up over the long term, meaning you’ll slowly make back the money spent on purchasing a water tank - a quality tank should last for many years to come. However being able to keep your loved plants alive during a drought with water restrictions just might be invaluable!

Along with all of these practical purposes, having a water tank is not just beneficial for you & your family; it’s also a sustainable choice. Taking pressure off public utilities puts less stress on those resources, and also lessens the amount of water we waste. It’s a simple and smart way to make the most of a natural resource - every little bit helps! Plus, if there is ever an emergency you can rest easier knowing you’re likely to have water on hand.

Choosing the right water tank

Which water tank you choose depends on a few factors: what you intend to use the water for, and the amount of water you are wanting to collect. The water tanks we stock are suitable for non-potable water collection (water that is not used for bathing or drinking). Remember that your water tank will need to be connected to a downpipe to collect rain run-off.

We have a range of water tanks available, with sizes up to 300 litres. This size range is great for tucking away in your garden as they take up minimal space, making them ideal for urban and residential properties.

If you’re after something a bit bigger, the 220l Jardin Water Tanks by Keter can be connected to each other, in line, for double the capacity. These water tanks are a top pick as they come with everything you need already included: downpipe converter, tap, hose connector & stand. 

Maze water tanks come in a range of sizes and styles to suit any space, with downpipe converters, stands and other accessories available to purchase as extras. These tanks can also be connected to each other for increased collection capacity when you purchase connector kits!

The Frenzlife Guttertank comes in a useful 250L size, with a downpipe diverter and hose linking kit available to purchase as extras. Made in New Zealand from food grade plastic, the water collected by this tank could be used for potable purposes.

You can view the full water tank range here, along with various accessories. Everything you need to get set up & ready to collect your own rainwater - install one now and you’ll be thanking yourself later!


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