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Behind the Business: Crafty Gatherer

Posted by Tess Partridge & the Gubba Team
8th Mar 2023

Behind the Business: Crafty Gatherer

We're shining the spotlight on Crafty Gatherer... a family-run business here in NZ, who create & collaborate with other local artisans to bring you useful, intentional garden goods. Each and every product is about connecting with the seasons, and getting back to traditional ways of living.

We chatted to Tess (one half of Crafty Gatherer) all about the motivation behind the business, her favourite garden tool, tips for achieving a more sustainable lifestyle, and more. We love the ethos of this awesome Kiwi business, and we're proud to stock a selection of their highly regarded range. We know you'll enjoy these useful insights!

What was the motivation behind Crafty Gatherer?

Crafty Gatherer is our business where we make tools to help people live efficiently both in their home and garden; we teach workshops and love to share our skills and everyday living. Our motivation behind Crafty Gatherer is being in tune to gather and harvest to provide for ourselves with what is around us, and the primal and innate feeling that brings. We express this motivation through traditional ways of living including growing our own food, living locally, being in tune with the seasons, living lighter, more thoughtfully and with intention.

What are three practices anyone could implement today for a more sustainable lifestyle?

  1. Compost, so simple but huge impact! There is a lot of information out there and different ways to do it; there really is a way even for people living in apartments!
  2. Eat seasonally, either by growing some yourself or finding it locally.
  3. By living more thoughtfully we can reduce our impact in many ways, knowing where your "stuff" comes from, who made it? where will it end up when you are finished with it? It is thinking about: where is our food coming from? What businesses are we supporting? and what are we sharing with our community to contribute to a more beautiful place.

How has your garden coped with the (so far) very wet summer we’ve had? Any tips?

It has coped OK as we have created a lot of shelter around our garden with native trees and wild spaces, but it has been the worst year for tomatoes and our sunflowers were looking very sad thinking where is the sun? We also have a greenhouse, so that helps. With all this rain I would say creating shelter from strong winds is one of the most important things and also digging any channels you need around the garden so that there are no rivers running through your garden.

Go-to garden tool you couldn’t live without?

Our Crafty Gatherer Forksta, sounds biased, but it really is such a versatile tool!

Favourite Autumn crops / veggies you’re planning to plant this year?

We will be planting the things we love to eat (i.e. what our children will actually eat) . We all love brassicas, so lots of broccoli, cauliflower and kale, also spinach, chard, carrots, leeks and celery. And of course peas!

Any tips for getting kids involved in the garden?

Just let them be kids, to play, imagine and create around you while being in the garden and their natural curiosity normally wants to come and help plant a seed or smell a flower. Our kiddies get really involved when they see their particular seed they planted start to grow and then they are always checking in on it, watering it and wanting to harvest, we find it is pretty microfocus when they are kids.

Your go-to recipe in 2022?

Buckwheat noodles with whatever seasonal veggies come in from the garden was a go-to, home kill sausages over the fire are also a big hit around here. Meals are very simple as we just eat with the children.

Favourite flower?

Fire Circle Poppy or any kind of dahlia!

Favourite crop?

I love growing root crops!

Favourite season?


Current favourite Instagram account to follow?

Love @compostable.kate so many simple easy to adopt tips.

Top book recommendation?

Gardening: The Edible Backyard by Kath Irvine and The Abundant Garden by Niva and Yotam Kay

Not gardening: Loving what Is by Byron Katie 


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