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Garden Bags - Which bag is best for dealing with garden waste?

26th Feb 2019

Garden Bags - Which bag is best for dealing with garden waste?

In this article: The original Gubba Garden Bag, Giant Garden Bag, Utility Bag, The All-Rounder Bag, Jumbo Garden Bag, Big Garden Cleanup Bag with Tie

In gardens big or small garden maintenance can be a tough job if you don't have the right equipment. One of the biggest pain points can be organic waste removal - lawn clippings, prunings, fallen leaves and other garden debris, and transporting it around the garden or storing it ready for collection or recycling.

Garden bags for everyday garden jobs

The original Gubba Garden Bag

Kick-starting the Gubba Garden Bag range is the original stand-open bag - a firm favourite amongst Kiwi gardeners for over 20 years! A clever Kiwi invention designed and manufactured by the founder of Gubba, the original Gubba Garden Bag is made in New Zealand from top-quality and very tough woven material with comfortable strong handles, and it folds away flat after use! 

The smartest thing about the design is the plastic rods that hold the bag open by itself, making dealing with green waste easy and more efficient without it flopping over and the contents spilling out.

This garden bag is a square-shaped bag roughly 700 x 700mm and 400mm high - approximately 196 litres in volume. Large enough to hold quite a bit of garden debris, yet still easy to carry to the green waste recycling bin. 

These bags are great value for money and will last for years!

Big jobs need a bigger bag - Giant Garden Bag

If you need something larger for a super-sized backyard clean up, then the Giant Garden Bag may be the bag for you. Based on the original bag, the Giant Garden Bag also stands open by itself but with extra capacity for bigger tidy-up jobs.

Featuring the same super-tough material and comfortable woven handles it also folds away flat for simple storage after use. Again this is a square-shaped bag 700x700mm and 600mm high with a capacity of roughly 294 litres. 

The Utility Bag - handy around the home!

The Gubba Utility Bag is a handy little indoor-outdoor bag ideal to use anywhere and anyhow you like. It's excellent as a re-usable shopping bag and is lightweight, tough and easily folds away after use.

Made from waterproof and wipe-clean material, pop a couple in your car for spur-of-the-moment supermarket visits or have one stashed by the back door for bringing in the firewood.

The Utility Bag is also very sturdy so perfect for smaller garden clean up jobs when you're tackling weeds, small amounts of prunings, leaves or lawn clippings. 

This bag is made in New Zealand and is 400mm x 400mm x 400mm in size - approximately 64 litres capacity.

The All-Rounder Bag - extra handle for easy tipping!

Gubba's cleverly designed All-Rounder is a practical garden bag with an extra handle.

The large and sturdy cylindrical-shaped 'stand-open bag features an extra handle on the side to allow for easy tipping and emptying. The large capacity carries and stores quite a lot of grass clippings, garden pruning and other waste or it could even be used for creating leaf mulch and compost!

The bag features strong and comfortable webbing handles, is made from tough, waterproof material and collapses down for easy storage when not in use. 

This bag is made in New Zealand and is 580mm diameter x 650mm high - approximately 171 litres in capacity.

Love your home-grown vegies? The All-Rounder would also be an excellent, transportable option as a potato growing bag! Fill up with soil, pop in your seed potatoes and watch them grow!

What do our customers have to say about Gubba Garden Bags?

"Thought I'd drop a note to let you know I've just replaced all our old Gubba garden bags with new ones. Our old bags were over 15 years old and had been used regularly for commercial (landscaping and nursery) work. Well done on an excellent and durable product!" - Andrew, Twining Valley Nurseries

"My parents gave me a Gubba Bag 18 years ago. It's been a terrific home gardening aid for our gardening endeavours and only now needs replacing. I highly recommend for all gardeners. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new one." - Pauline

Jumbo garden bags and stands - for commercial or large organic waste collection

If you're a landscaper or just have a large section with plenty of garden and lawn, you may need to super-size your garden bag to collect all your green waste. Our range of extra large bags that can be fitted over a garden bag stand are perfect for these jobs.

The Jumbo Garden Bag

This garden waste bag is very big and very tough. Made from a recycled wool pack, it makes an ideal garden waste container for a lot of grass clippings, large prunings and can also be used for storing compost, firewood and a whole range of other applications.

Re-usable and long-lasting, these bags feature four side-panel flaps on the top that can be folded over to secure the bag shut or folded over the top of a garden bag stand.

The Jumbo Garden Bag is 700mm x 700mm and 820mm high in size - approximately 400 litres in capacity.

The Big Garden Cleanup Bag with Tie

Made from a super-strong, woven PVC material, this large garden bag is designed to fit securely over the top of a garden bag stand. Naturally it can be used without the stand too, but its large capacity makes it perfect for big cleanups or commercial landscaping jobs and is often used by green waste collection services.

Used with the garden bag stand, the bag stands open to be filled while the sturdy drawstring holds it in place over the frame. The drawstring also comes in handy for drawing tight when the bag is filled so the contents remain in the bag and not all over your driveway!

The Big Garden Cleanup Bag with Tie is 1500mm high x 1200mm wide. You can purchase this bag on it's own, or with the Garden Cleanup Bag Stand to hold it up & open. Or purchase the combo: Garden Clean Bag with Tie and Stand.


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