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Garden Cloches, Covers & Tunnels

Posted by by the Gubba Team
29th Jun 2023

Garden Cloches, Covers & Tunnels

If you’re looking to increase your yield, extend your growing season, and protect your plants from pests or harsh weather - you might want to consider a garden cloche or tunnel! Use a poly tunnel to create your own microclimate for thriving plants throughout the seasons, or choose a net cover to keep harmful pests away from your crops. Plus these simple, effective structures are often easy to erect, moveable, and more affordable than a greenhouse. Read on to find out all the benefits of garden cloches, and learn which is best for your garden goals.

Keep pests at bay

One of the main reasons we see kiwi gardeners using cloches or tunnels (particularly those made of net) is for pest control. Many of us are engaged in a seemingly endless battle with common garden pests; white butterflies, snails & slugs, and recently the dreaded fall armyworm to name just a few. Garden cloches serve as a physical barrier against unwanted insects, and even larger animals such as birds or rabbits. A net, poly or mesh cover prevents pests from accessing your plants and laying eggs, reducing the need for sprays and other time consuming pest control methods. This makes them a great option for organic gardeners, or anyone wanting to minimise pesticide use in their garden.

One thing to keep in mind when using a cover is access for pollinators. Some plants rely on insect pollination (including favourites like strawberries, cucumbers, pumpkins, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc.) in order to fruit properly. If growing insect pollinated crops, it’s best to choose a net cover with a larger mesh so beneficial insects can still visit your plants. Or, remember to leave the door of your tunnel or cloche open for a while every so often.

Extend your growing season

With a poly cloche, you can start planting earlier in the spring and continue harvesting well into autumn or even winter, depending on your climate. By trapping heat and creating a sheltered environment, you can mitigate temperature fluctuations and provide humidity and warmth during cooler periods, allowing your plants to thrive beyond their usual growing window. A poly tunnel essentially acts as a mini greenhouse for your plants!

Protection from harsh weather

Frosts or unexpected cold spells can wreak havoc on tender seedlings and other sensitive plants. A good poly cloche or tunnel acts as a safeguard against frost damage by insulating your plants and maintaining a stable temperature. They can also protect crops from other extreme weather; a well-secured structure can make a good barrier against strong winds or heavy rain. Or in summer, you can use a net or shade cloth option to protect your plants from harsh sun.

Moisture & water regulation

Maintaining good soil moisture levels is crucial for plant health. By reducing evaporation and minimising wind, a poly cloche can help your soil to retain more moisture, ensuring plants receive a consistent water supply. This is particularly handy if you live somewhere where water conservation is a concern! Additionally, the covers and tunnels can help protect plants from heavy rainfall, preventing oversaturation and potential root rot.

All of these benefits help to create better conditions for your plants, leading to accelerated plant growth and development. The increased warmth, protection from pests, or protection from elements like wind can result in earlier, larger yields, allowing you to enjoy an abundant harvest and maximise the productivity of your garden. We have a number of cloches, covers and tunnels available to suit your garden - take a look:

Net Tunnels: A very popular choice, our net tunnels come in 1 x 2m or 1 x 3m options. You can also get 1.25 x 1.25m or 1 x 1m cloche options. Easy to erect, and they come with pegs to secure them. Depending on the size you choose, they have 1, 2 or 3 zippered doors for easy access.

Poly Tunnels: Our poly tunnels also come in 1 x 2m or 1 x 3m options, or 1.25 x 1.25m or 1 x 1m cloche options. Made from polyethylene, these lightweight yet sturdy tunnels are great for protecting tender plants from frosts over the cooler months (especially heading into spring).

Cloche Hoops: These sturdy steel hoops can be covered with a material of your choosing, making them a versatile option. Use them to switch between a net, mesh, or poly material throughout the seasons as needed. (Note: hoops only, cover material not included). Shop them here

VegTrug Cold Frames: These wood & solid polycarbonate covers are designed to be used with VegTrug raised gardens, but can also be used directly on the ground. Excellent for trapping heat & humidity, and with a hinged lid for easy access to your plants. Shop the Small 1m or the Medium 1.8m.

VegTrug Covers: Vegtrug’s wide range of covers are designed for VegTrug raised gardens, but can also be used directly over your garden bed or on a raised garden of similar dimensions. The range includes PE & Micromesh 2-in-1 covers, shade covers, and fleece covers at 2 different heights. (Note: covers and frames are sold separately).

Grow It Tunnels: The Grow It tunnels are more affordable options, coming in both net or poly styles in a convenient 300 x 42cm size.

Shop all Cloches, Tunnels & Covers here


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