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Gubba Weathervanes: Crafted by Hand Here in NZ

Posted by by the Gubba Team
31st Oct 2022

Gubba Weathervanes: Crafted by Hand Here in NZ

Looking for the perfect gift to please your favourite gardener, farmer, or fisherman? Look no further than our handmade, sand-cast weathervanes. With 13 different designs to choose from, these premium aluminum and brass weathervanes are the perfect adornment for any house or shed. Plus they’re locally made right here in New Zealand!

What’s a Weathervane?

Apart from making an eye-catching feature, weathervanes (sometimes referred to as “wind vanes”) are used to tell the direction of the wind. This trusty invention has been around for over 2,000 years! To easily determine which direction the wind is coming from, simply take note of the direction the spinning arrow is pointing.

The Production Process

Each weathervane is crafted by hand using the traditional method of sand casting. This is a metal casting technique that dates back to ancient Egyptian times! To craft our weathervanes, molten aluminum is poured into a mold made from sand and allowed to set. Once removed from the mold, each product is then assembled by hand before being professionally powder coated in black for a long-lasting finish. The resulting product is rust-free, solid, and ready to last for generations to come! Each of our weathervanes have smooth running movement and are plate welded to the base stem for easy installation.

Gubba’s weathervanes feature premium rust free materials including a Galvanised Steel stem and mounting plate, aluminum rods, and brass and aluminum castings. We package the weathervanes in a cardboard gift box inside another shipping box for peace of mind in transit.

The Designs

Our range features 13 different designs, meaning there’s something for almost everyone. Keen fishermen are spoilt for choice with our Snapper, Trout, Whale, Marlin or Sailboat designs. Choose your favourite pet or farm animal, such as a classic rooster, cow, cat, dog or horse, or opt for our iconic Kiwi design for a touch of kiwiana style. For a traditional look the Arrow is also very popular.

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a special touch for your own home, shed or batch, these premium weathervanes are sure to be a hit. They tick the box for both form and function, and bring all the benefits of locally made, quality craftsmanship. Browse the range below!

Rooster Weathervane

Snapper Weathervane
Arrow Weathervane
Cat Weathervane
Trout Weathervane
Marlin Weathervane
Horse Weathervane
Kiwi Weathervane
Yacht Weathervane
Whale Weathervane
Bull Weathervane
Dog Weathervane
Kangaroo Weathervane


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