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Harnessing the Magic of Effective Microbes in Your Garden

Posted by The Gubba Team
5th Sep 2023

Harnessing the Magic of Effective Microbes in Your Garden

Are you interested in a natural, sustainable way to boost plant health and enhance soil fertility in your home garden? Introducing Effective Microbes, often referred to as “EM”. EM is a natural solution that works wonders in your soil, in turn bringing so many benefits to your plants. Learn all about the magic of effective microbes, and how they can benefit your entire garden ecosystem!

What are Effective Microbes?

In simple terms, effective microbes are beneficial microorganisms found naturally in the environment that can be applied as inoculants. These tiny creatures include bacteria, fungi and yeasts that work together in a harmonious symbiotic relationship; when introduced into your garden they can have a profound impact on plant growth and overall soil health.

Beneficial bacteria, fungi & yeasts

First off, we have the beneficial bacteria. These little powerhouses colonise the soil and assist in nutrient cycling, making essential minerals and nutrients more accessible to plants. They also suppress harmful pathogens, which protect your plants from disease.

Next we have the beneficial fungi. These fungal microorganisms form mycorrhizal associations with the roots of plants. In a mutually beneficial relationship, the fungi provides plants with water and nutrients, while the plants offer the fungi a source of energy. This partnership significantly enhances the plant's ability to absorb nutrients and water, improving its overall resilience and health.

Lastly, the beneficial yeasts play a crucial role in promoting the fermentation process. These yeasts contribute to breaking down organic matter in the soil, which releases nutrients and creates an ideal environment for plant roots to flourish. Beneficial yeasts are what you would use to ferment waste in a bokashi system as well!

Four ways to introduce EM into your garden

Now that you’ve been introduced to the three main players in EM, let's explore a few easy ways to harness the power of EM in your garden…

1. Compost Tea

Compost tea is a nutrient-rich liquid brewed from compost and water, infused with effective microbes. It acts as a natural fertiliser and is a powerful tool to protect your plants from diseases. To make compost tea, all you need is some quality compost, water, and aeration to facilitate microbial growth. Apply it to your garden's soil or foliage regularly for best results.

2. Worm Wee or Worm Tea

The liquid that comes out of your worm farm is packed full of effective microbes that will enhance soil structure, and boost nutrient availability. Just remember to dilute it before you water it into the garden.

3. Fermented Plant Extracts

Fermented plant extracts are concoctions made by fermenting plant materials such as leaves, fruits, or herbs. Try soaking banana skins, or seaweed if you can collect some from the beach, in fresh water and some effective microbes. These extracts are rich in nutrients and organic compounds that encourage plant growth and stimulate natural defense mechanisms.

4. Mulching with Effective Microbes

Adding effective microbes (like EMNZ, or your bokashi liquid) to your mulch layer accelerates the decomposition process. As the mulch breaks down faster, it enriches the soil with nutrients and organic matter, providing an ideal habitat for the beneficial microorganisms.

5. Applying a store bought EM mixture

Using EM1 Garden Concentrate or EM Garden Boost (with fish hydrolysate) as a foliar spray, or when you water - is a simple way to boost beneficial biology and add macro nutrients and trace elements to your soil. EMNZ's certified organic microbial inoculants provide a broad spectrum of microorganisms, enzymes, vitamins, and various organic acids - all essential components for healthy soils and therefore plants. They will also support the growth of other important components in the garden, including mycorrhizae, earthworms, and insects already living in your soil!

Reap the benefits of EM in your garden:

  • Improved soil fertility: Effective microbes play a vital role in enriching the soil with essential nutrients, ensuring your plants receive the nourishment they need to flourish.
  • Enhanced plant health: By promoting nutrient absorption and disease suppression, these beneficial microorganisms strengthen your plants' immune systems and resilience.
  • Sustainable gardening: Using effective microbes reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers and chemical pesticides, leading to a more eco-friendly and sustainable garden.

Harnessing the power of effective microbes is a simple but effective way to nurture your garden. Whip up some compost tea or homemade seaweed spray, and let these tiny superheroes work their magic in your garden. Your plants will thank you with a bounty of vibrant blooms, lush foliage, and a thriving ecosystem!

Images used in this article show the difference between treated vs. untreated roots & grass when using EMNZ Effective Microbe products. 


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