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The benefits of irrigation for your home garden

Posted by by the Gubba Team
14th Dec 2021

The benefits of irrigation for your home garden

When you think of the word ‘irrigation’, we wouldn’t blame you if farming or agriculture comes to mind. But you’ll soon find that the average home garden can benefit from a well-thought-out irrigation system too! Irrigation can be implemented in any garden, and brings with it a multitude of benefits that can take your garden to the next level. Read on to find out what you’ve got to gain from installing irrigation in your own garden.

Watering by hand is the traditional method of irrigation, and, naturally, is what most backyard gardeners rely on. You might be using a watering can or a hose to do this, and there is certainly nothing wrong with these methods! However, setting up an irrigation system can save you a great deal of time, effort, and money. Plus it can actually make for healthier, stronger plants. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits….

  • Conserve water: When watering by hand, you end up using far more water than is required. Much of that water will end up evaporating, or as runoff. A well-installed irrigation system can tailor the amount of water going to each area of your garden, resulting in much less waste. Good for your water bill, and good for the environment!
  • Happier plants: Plants grow faster when they are watered with smaller amounts, over a sustained period of time (“drip feeding”). You also cut out the risk of over or under watering, meaning they’ll be healthier & stronger! Vege gardens will have higher yields, lawns will be luscious and less patchy, and so on.
  • Happier soil: Too much water can cause valuable nutrients to be washed out from your soil. Applying a controlled amount of water makes for a healthier soil nutrient balance - and happier soil equals happier plants!
  • Reduce pests & diseases: Irrigation allows you to direct exactly where your water is going. This is an excellent way to reduce unwanted pests, weeds, and diseases in your garden. When water is delivered directly to the roots of your plants, weeds miss out and therefore have less chance to germinate and take hold. Irrigation systems that direct water to the root also mean water isn’t left sitting on the plant itself, reducing the chance of various leaf diseases.
  • Sheer convenience: An obvious benefit is all the time saved. Less time watering means more time planting, planning, harvesting, and simply enjoying your garden. Also, if you’re an avid gardener, being away from your garden probably causes a bit of anxiety. After all, how can you rest assured that your plants are getting the best care while you’re away? An irrigation system solves this! You can go on holiday knowing your garden is in good hands.

There are various different types of irrigation systems to choose from, all ranging in cost, automation, and design. It’s up to you to decide how simple or complex you go! Some systems will require more planning and effort to set up, while others are more simple - but either way you’ll soon be reaping the benefits. Commonly used irrigation methods for home gardens include sprinklers and drip irrigation. Our range features a selection of drip irrigation systems, all which allow you to automatically water your plants without electricity, batteries, timers or mains water pressure! There are irrigation solutions for larger flower or veggie gardens, balcony gardens, even indoor pot plants. View the range here.

Without a doubt, irrigating your garden can make a big difference - to your water use, to your time, and to your plants. And as we head into summer & the holiday season, now is the perfect time to get irrigating!


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