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The Maruyoshi Flax Cutter - swiftly deals with fibrous plants!

Posted by by the Gubba Team
9th Sep 2019

The Maruyoshi Flax Cutter - swiftly deals with fibrous plants!

The Maruyoshi Flax Cutter available at Gubba Products

Flax, cabbage trees, yuccas and kikuyu grass make regular appearances in Kiwi backyards. And while for the most part they look lovely and/or are suitable to the harsh coastal climate conditions in NZ, they are quite tough and can be difficult to maintain.

Cue the Maruyoshi Flax Cutter, otherwise known as a flax knife or a serrated sickle harvest knife. While it's called "Flax" cutter, the blade is really ideal for cutting and trimming many different fibrous plants. Flaxes, Toe Toe, Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia), ivy and other vines, invasive clumping grasses, cabbage trees, yuccas and it could even be used to harvest lavender. Basically anything tough that simple pruners simply won't cut through the fibrous strands.

It's all in the motion!

The main thing to note is the flax cutter is not a sawing or hacking tool, it's a pulling tool. The seriously sharp blade features very fine teeth and is made from top-quality, Japanese high carbon steel that's tempered for extra strength. 

This Maruyoshi cutter also features a special back bar to make the blade even stronger. Instead of sawing or hacking, the teeth work with the use of a smooth pulling motion. Simply place the blade at the base of the leaf blade or clump of grass and pull around and slightly twist.

Super lightweight, the knife weighs a tiny 100 grams so it's easy for anyone to use and won't fatigue your hands and arms as loppers can. And with practice, it's a swift and effortless tool for tackling these jobs. 

There's a community of Gubba gardeners that already know and appreciate the value of this marvellous tool. Add one to your garden tool kit and you'll take to your maintenance tasks with great gusto.

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Check out our video below of the Maruyoshi Flax Cutter in action:


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