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Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean - 9.6L

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The Skaza Organko 2 Ocean bokashi bin has the same excellent functionality and design as the original Organko 2, but is made from a different material - hand-picked and recycled fishing nets! 

Every year, more than 650,000 tons of fishing nets are discarded into the ocean, causing devastation to the marine environment. The Organko 2 Ocean is a smart way of (re)using plastics that are already on the planet, and helping to remove nets from our beaches and oceans. Skaza is a design and plastic manufacturing company based in Slovenia. Sustainability is at the core of their vision and mission; they are striving to set a new trend for the plastic industry.

The Organko 2 Ocean is a stand-out product for sustainable living. It is not only a practical and convenient method of organic waste disposal, but it is aesthetically appealing too! The design of this bin is a proud winner of the prestigious Red-Dot Design Award, a credit to it’s outstanding design quality. 

Using a Bokashi bin is a fantastic and effective way to increase sustainability in your lifestyle. Fermenting your organic waste allows you to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, and at the end of the fermentation process you get a completely natural and nutrient-rich compost fertiliser for your garden. A win for you, and for the environment!

The process of bokashi uses natural, beneficial microorganisms (sprinkled on as a bran or a liquid spray) to initiate the fermentation process instead of waiting for waste to decay. A key benefit is that as bokashi prevents waste from rotting, there are no unpleasant odours. Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean is designed with a “presser” that sits on top of the waste, performing the function of an airtight vacuum cover. This prevents airflow and subsequent smelly rotting.

You can also dispose of a broader variety of organic waste in a Bokashi Organko than you could through traditional composting methods. Almost all organic waste can be put into a bokashi bin, even cooked and raw meat, cheese, and small bones! Just avoid liquids, larger bones, paper, and anything that has already started to rot or mold. Tip: Cutting any large pieces into smaller ones will make the fermentation process easier. 

After the fermentation process is completed, organic waste retains essential nutrients that would normally disappear during decay - this creates a top-quality compost! An excellent liquid fertiliser is also created during the process, which can be easily removed from the Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean using the purpose built tap. This fermentation liquid can be used as a fertiliser for garden or pot plants (dilution ratio of 1:200), and can even be used undiluted as a natural drain and septic tank conditioner. 

The Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean has a volume of 9.6 litres. 

Dimensions: 340 x 240 x 240 mm | Made in Europe

Material: At least 30% of the product is made from recycled fishing nets (approx 600g of fishing nets in one Organko)

Bokashi bran or liquid spray needs to be purchased additionally. 

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Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean - 9.6L

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