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In-Ground Composter

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Recycle your kitchen scraps straight into the garden!

Suitable for use in flower or veggie gardens, the Tui Worm Tower is a wonderful way to recycle your kitchen scraps straight into the garden. Worm farms are an efficient and fun way to compost food scraps and other suitable organic matter. And unlike regular stand-alone worm farms, the Tui Worm Tower is an in-ground composting system that creates healthy soil as worms feed on the organic matter. This means that the worm castings and worm juice created during the composting process directly benefits the surrounding soil.

The Tui Worm Tower is simple to assemble, easy to use and can hold up to 1,000 worms. Tiger Worms are required for effective composting, as these worms, compared to earthworms, readily feed on decomposing organic material. Worm farm worms do tend to stay put and prefer a home of composting scraps to soil, so they may not always venture out through the holes. You can clean the tower out every 6 months or so and harvest the castings to spread elsewhere, and if you want, reposition your tower to another part of the garden. Worms are not included but can be purchased online.


  • Choose a position for your Tui Worm Tower, preferably in the middle of your garden bed.
  • Bury the Tui Worm Tower into the soil leaving the top flared section exposed.
  • In the base of the Tui Worm Tower, place a bedding of pre-moistened strips of newspaper, leaf matter, straw and compost.
  • Place your worms onto the bedding and they will travel back and forth through the feeding holes, to deliver nutrients directly to the roots.
  • Add your kitchen scraps into the top for the worms to process into rich nutrients to naturally feed your garden.
  • The Tui Worm Tower is approximately 52cm in length (which goes into the ground) and 22cm wide across the top where the lid sits. 

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    Great idea for a small garden

    Posted by Lou on 12th May 2020

    I'm very happy with the worm tower. We don't produce a great deal of compost and have only a small garden, so this is the perfect solution for us. It's robust and a decent size.


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In-Ground Composter

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