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Introducing Groconut

Groconut is a horticultural-grade plant tonic made from coconut water. It’s a fantastic alternative to synthetic rooting stimulants and growth boosters!

Boost Plant Growth

Use Groconut exclusively, or alongside your fertilising routine to help your plants to absorb more quality nutrients. Groconut can be used to boost plant growth, delay plant death, encourage lateral plant growth, or as a rooting hormone when propagating - all without the risk of nutrient burn.

Micro Nutrients for Plants

The active ingredients in Groconut increase the amount of essential nutrients your plants can absorb. These include phytohormones to promote root and foliar growth, amino acids to act as building blocks in plant tissue walls, complex sugars to provide energy, and micro-nutrients that are rapidly absorbed by plant tissues.

Use Groconut to...

✓ Maximize uptake of nutrients ✓ Stimulate cell enlargement resulting in leaf expansion ✓ Encourage growth of lateral buds ✓ Deeply condition the soil ✓ Treat nutrient imbalances ✓ Use as a rooting hormone in propagation


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