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Post Mounted Espalier Kit - with wire

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The Espalar Post Mounted Espalier Kit is designed for those who already have some components to get you underway with your espalier project, or be a continuation kit if you have previously bought the starter kit including tools.  This Post Mounted Espalier Kit is ideal as growing frame for climbing plants, fruit trees and ornamentals, for a privacy screen or for functionality. Each kit contains, components you will need to set up an espalier framework (aside from your poles, drill part, and wire cutters), making it a cost-effective way to be introduced to the art of Espaliering.  Espalier is traditionally the practice of controlling woody plant growth to increase harvests, trained in to a flat two-dimensional form, either next to masonry which can reflect sunlight and retain heat overnight, or orientated parallel to the equator, strategies that allow the fruiting season to be extended- hence more produce.  They are not only decorative and utilise space, they are functional.


  • Espalier Post Mounted Starter Kit
  • Everything you need, just supply own poles
  • Cost effective set up
  • Ideal for climbing fruit, veg, or vines
  • Great for garden décor
  • Create living privacy screens with climbing greenery
  • Heavy duty wire 316 stainless steel - high tension / heavy loading

The Espalar Wire Anchor system is a high quality method of installing wire systems for a range of multi-purpose applications including espaliered fruit trees, climbing plants and flowers. It is used by professional landscapers and is also used by gardeners and home handymen as a DIY solution. It is ideal to use as a support wire for espalier, with its innovative design simplifying the task of keeping wires taut and in place. The system is easy to setup and install yourself using our ‘Do It Yourself’ instruction guide.


  • Anchors in capsules: 2
  • Tension Caps: 1
  • End Caps: 1
  • Guide Plugs: 22
  • Plant Ties: 20
  • Wire of 2mm '316' wire: 30m

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Post Mounted Espalier Kit - with wire

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