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Taking care of your waste is as easy as opening the lid, stirring your scraps and then taking a seat. Smell-free, mess-free and stress-free.

Below-ground compost & worm farm system

Food waste is turned into green space with Subpod. Create rich compost that builds soil and helps your garden thrive - simply dig the Subpod into your garden, stir in your scraps, and let the worms do the hard work!

Natural Environment

The Subpod provides a natural, but protected and insulated environment for composting worms and microbes. The holes in the walls of the Subpod allow worms to roam, letting them spread nutrients all around your garden and then return home to continue composting.

What to get with your Subpod

The subpod is a great step into worm farming and comes with everything within. Worms are required to start the composting process, you can add some Gubba Tiger Worms to your order Aeration is a vital part to avoid smells and ensure a constant flow of fresh soil. The Maze aerator is a great companion and will ensure that you have a completely rounded worm composting kit.

No Unpleasant Odours

None of the negatives you may associate with composting - the Subpod keeps rodents out, and lets fresh air flow in. A weekly aeration stir will keep it smelling fresh and earthy. No need to put up with any unpleasant odours! Plus, it’s subtle design allows it to blend seamlessly into your garden once dug in. Composting has never been so easy.


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